So named to distinguish them from the major centers in the ares, but these small towns are true masterpieces of history, culture atr and local initiatives.
Osimo in first place, it has sections in its monuments from different historical periods: the Romanesque Cathedral, the Roman and medieval walls, the beautiful mansions, and the charming old town. Not to mention the mysterious caves that extend along the entire perimeter of the city.
Castelfidardo is the birthplace of the accordion and hosts the beautiful museum dedicated to this instrument renowned throughout the world, next to downtown, the charming park of the National Monument of Marche.
Camerano, is known for its fine wine and hiding in his basement a fascinating tangle of artificial caves dug in the Middle Ages until the last century.
Recanati, is the city that was the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, and the great poet, you can visit the house and library.